Red Cross in the Arts

A little note on the Red Cross showing up in the big, wide world of entertainment. Since working here, I have begun to notice the Red Cross popping up every where. Recently I was listening to a song that I had heard zillions of times before and noticed a reference to Red Cross (blood services). The song is mildly inappropriate so I’m erring on the side of caution and not including a link to it.

In addition to that crazy song, I recently read a lovely book, Bel Canto, in which one of the central characters is a mediator with the International Committee of the Red Cross. It is a harrowing and romantic book; and it really great to see a character, while far from perfect, represent the Red Cross’ efforts for humanitarianism and peace. The New Yorker says it best: “Patchett’s tragicomic novel — a fantasia of guns and Puccini and Red Cross negotiations — invokes the glorious, unreliable promises of art, politics, and love.”
Good stuff – a little melding of Red Cross with the music lover and literati in all of us.


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