Meet Me at the Blood Bank

Who else could make blood donation sound like the perfect setting for romance and introspection but Bon Iver, the project name of indie folk singer-songwriter Justin Vernon?

The first few verses of Bon Iver’s Blood Bank EP title track:

Well I met you at the blood bank
We were looking at the bags
Wondering if any of the colors
Matched any of the names we knew on the tags

You said see look it that’s yours
Stacked on top with your brothers
See how they resemble one another?
Even in their plastic little covers

I first listened to Blood Bank when it was released last January. As I left my house this morning, the frigid air and the rows of nearly-naked trees reminded me of the album’s lucid imagery. Probably the fact that I was on my way to work at a blood bank helped trigger my memory of the song, too…

Click here to read a review of Blood Bank and to listen to the song (bad word warning: you might not want to blast this from your cubicle).

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