New Zealand… Rocks!!!

What’s not to love about New Zealand?

With beautiful beaches, rugged mountains, clever comedians, musical legends, adventurous citizens, talented filmmakers, and handsome men (that last one has nothing to do with the fact that I’m engaged to a Kiwi… ok, it has everything to do with the fact that I’m engaged to a Kiwi) New Zealand totally rocks!

And, as Lise has already shared with us, New Zealanders have a knack for creative advertising. This New Zealand Blood Service poster that I found today reaffirms that fact.

Enrich your life by donating blood. Call 1-800-GIVE LIFE or visit to make a donation appointment today.

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One thought on “New Zealand… Rocks!!!

  • Kiwis and Aussies always seem to have a friendly rivalry going, and the Australian Red Cross has done several of the most amazing blood donation promos that I have seen! Although I don't quite know why their logo points out the 'B' and 'O' (which I read as body oder, given they skipped an 'O' that might designate it as blood types). The Southern Hemisphere definitely has some creative advertising ideas to offer!

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