CONTEST: Five #Just1Things In 5 Minutes

We’re nearing the end of National Preparedness Month, which means we’re also nearing the end of our #just1thing contest.

As a reminder, all you have to do is tweet us (@RedCrossPDX) with #just1thing you’re doing to get prepared and you could take home some great prizes, including:

A Safety Starter preparedness kit
A vintage first aid kit
A “Be Prepared For Anything” t-shirt

As I said before, doing #just1thing is “easy peasy.” To that end, I’m going to give you 5 things that you could do in less than 5 minutes for your chance to enter.

1. Play the “Do More” preparedness game and make your custom shopping list.
2. Become a subscriber to our blog or newsletter.
3. Review one preparedness tip sheet (for earthquakes, fires, floods or tsunamis).
4. Fill out an Emergency Contact Card.
5. Watch the winning flu prevention PSA on YouTube.

Getting prepared doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. Sometimes your “action” is just increased knowledge and awareness. Don’t forget to tell us your #just1thing on Twitter today!