Thirsty for Blood

This whole vampire thing just won’t die. And, honestly, it’s boring me to death.

But the latest product inspired by our society’s immortal love of vampires actually doesn’t have my blood boiling. In fact, I think it’s pretty hilarious (not to mention nutritious). In January of next year, Blood Energy Potion (pictured left)– “the world’s first synthetic blood beverage”– will be jolting through the veins of Twilight-obsessed teens and goths alike. Here’s a product description:
The fruit punch flavor packs 4 hours of energy along with iron, protein, and electrolytes. Not only does Blood Energy Potion have a similar nutritional makeup to real blood, but it has the same color, look, and consistency of blood. Get real blood nutrients without that real blood taste! The re-sealable transfusion bag style pouch provides the convenient delivery of fluids for vampires and humans alike! Contains no real blood, just synthetic!
I’m a little curious (and slightly disgusted) about what they mean by the drink being the same consistency as blood… could it be thicker than water? (YES! Another lame blood joke for the bloody pun-lovers out there).
So now that you’re thirsty for (fake) blood, go donate some real blood. Call 1-800-GIVE LIFE or visit to make a donation appointment today.



  • Hah 🙂 I do agree that the vampire craze is overdoing it a bit! Growing up, I was a HUGE Star Trek fan (Trekkie!) and once grabbed the Star Trek cook book. One of the drink delicacies in Star Trek is Klingon Blood Wine. I don't ask what the creators intended it to be made out of, but if I remember right the 'human' version is just cranberry juice with raspberry jello particles mixed in. That gives it the right texture.

    Now this makes me wonder if a vampire drinks B+ blood would they be a bit more positive?

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