If all you have left is this shirt on your back…

Remember this shirt? Well here’s what it looks like now.
To refresh your memory, these were the instructions (that came with an invite to this holiday party):
Decorate this t-shirt on behalf of your favorite charity and bring it to the holiday party. We’re setting up a t-shirt shop and selling these one-of-a-kind pieces of art to benefit your chosen charity.
So instead of going the traditional route of pretty paints or sparkly sequins, our coworker Alexis had the brilliant idea to dang near destroy the thing.  She burned holes all over it with a blowtorch and wrote, “If all you have left is this shirt on your back, the Red Cross will be there.”
A creative reminder of how the Red Cross helps the survivors of home fires – which, as you regular readers know, happen quite often. And I have to say the scorch marks are quite artfully done. Alexis even carefully singed the edges of the invitation card
I hope the people bidding on the shirts tonight appreciate the cleverness of the message as much as we do. Great work, Alexis!

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