An Etsy Round-Up

Say you want to show off your support for the Red Cross mission, but you’re not into the branded t-shirt kind of thing. Your personal style is more vintage/handmade.

Well, you’re in luck, because there are other crafty Red Cross-y people out there like you, and guess what? They’re on Etsy.

One of our young volunteers, Clare, recently pointed us in the direction of these fantastic finds…

Baby Beanie: How cute is this? I know a certain former Red Crosser (but really, once a Red Crosser, always a Red Crosser) who is having a baby soon. Did someone say “perfect present?”

Pendant Necklace: “Nurses bring hope.” Very true.

Vintage Charm Bracelet
: OMG tiny versions of vintage nurse posters! YESSSS!

French Apothecary Pillow Cover: Ooh la la. This looks like something you’d see in Athropolgie. What a chic way to show you’re a Croix Rouge supporter.

Victorian-era Red Cross Dog Illustration: Adorable, antique-y, and one-of-a-kind. You can’t beat that.

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