90 Days Of (Amazing) Art

Growing up, people would note that my parents are both artists, thus prompting the question: “So Lise, do you have any artistic talent?”

Sadly, the answer was no. Put a canvas (or clay or scissors or glue or fabric) in front of me and I’ll just make a giant mess. I am not crafty or artistically gifted in any way. But later in life, I realized two things:

1. Assuming writing is an art, I’m artistic in a different way and

2. Even though I can’t draw or paint, I love art and design like nobody’s business.

Given this, you can imagine my joy when people who have these incredible skills use them — not just to create lovely images — but for actual good. Which is why I’m so in love with 90 Days of Art.

In short, it’s one man — John Beck McConnico — who’s creating 90 pieces in 90 days and donating 90% of the proceeds to the Red Cross. Let me say that again. “An average of one painting, sketch, doodle, or art nugget will be produced per day, for a 90-day period.” That, my friends, is a LOT of work.
I really encourage you to check out the online art exhibit. There are some amazing pieces; I’m sharing a few of my favorites throughout this post. You can buy your limited-edition print or framed piece of art until 5 pm on July 10.

Artists, designers and other creative types — THANK YOU for your efforts to support the Red Cross in innovative and beautiful ways. I may not be an artist myself, but I can definitely appreciate the talent.

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