For Emergencies Only

I just saw this KPTV story and was shocked that people (and so many of them!) would think it’s appropriate to call 911 for non-emergency traffic questions

Because of this week’s snow, the 911 line was inundated with calls like this:
“I’m heading out to go grocery shopping. I have chains on, but I was wondering if there was any areas out in Beaverton that I should avoid?”

I have a feeling most of these people sort of realize that they really shouldn’t be calling 911, but just don’t know who else to call
Well, folks, here is the answer:  Call 511 for real-time weather info. 
Or use these fine resources: 
Or call a friend in the area, or a friend who has internet access. Just anyone but 911. These lines really do need to need to stay open for true emergencies. 
Please spread the word about 511. It could save a life.