Winter Weather May Still Be On Its Way

Story by Denise Holley / Red Cross Cascades Region This year, winter has held back its blankets of snow and biting temperatures from much of the valleys and high deserts […]

The snow is falling!

Is it really not winter yet? Well, something certainly is in the spirit of ‘fall’ outside. I am currently at home staying warm in my Red Cross polar fleece, preparing […]

Haiti: Two Months Later

This morning the American Red Cross published a two month progress report on relief efforts for Haiti. “As part of its largest international response since the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, […]

Winter Weather and Giving Blood

When snow and ice hits, it impacts just about everyone in the area. For those of you who were stuck in traffic last night, that message was clear. One might […]

The Weirdest of Weird Weather

There’s some pretty weird weather around the country this week – tornadoes in the South, flooding in Fargo, spring-break-snow in Kansas and swarms of earthquakes* in Southern California.  Wondering what […]

Flickr Finds: December Snow

Okay, so it’s not really a Flickr Find. This photo of our region during the peak of the December snowstorms came to us via PGE. Given this morning’s flurries, it […]

State of Emergency Declared In Vernonia

For the second December in a row, the city of Vernonia is making the news… and not in a fun way. Three feet of snow and power outages have prompted […]

For Emergencies Only

I just saw this KPTV story and was shocked that people (and so many of them!) would think it’s appropriate to call 911 for non-emergency traffic questions.  Because of this week’s […]

‘Snow Joke. It’s Cold Out There!

Well, we can’t let today go by without mentioning Snowpocalypse ’08 (as it has come to be known around the Portland blogosphere). Maybe the snow isn’t as deep as you’d […]