The snow is falling!

Is it really not winter yet? Well, something certainly is in the spirit of ‘fall’ outside.

I am currently at home staying warm in my Red Cross polar fleece, preparing for what will likely be a tricky day of driving tomorrow. The snow came a bit later than expected, and the extra rain will likely mean ice. The Red Cross has many suggestions for an emergency car kit to prepare for nasty situations like this, and here are a few key items for winter weather:

* Gloves
* Blanket
* First Aid Kit
* Warm Clothes
* Flashlight
* Emergency Radio
* Batteries
* Glow Sticks
* Food
* Water
(in a freezable container)

In addition to first aid kits, the Oregon Red Cross store offers a variety of emergency kits suitable for cars.

Seattle faced the brunt of this storm Monday during the evening rush hour, leading to large delays and many accidents across the Puget Sound.

As for blood drives, the Red Cross strives to keep all blood drives operational as the need is constant. A large majority of drives tend to maintain their schedule. The adverse weather can lead to an increased demand for blood with a steep decline in donations. If you can donate and safely travel to a drive, it is greatly appreciated. If you can’t because of the weather try to schedule an appointment soon after the storm passes. On a related note, the Portland areas’ largest annual blood drive is this Thursday: the Thanksgiving Day Blood Drive (sponsor code: thanksgiviportland). A great way to give thanks by giving life!

Photo: Rich Marilyn, Michelle Harrison – KATU