One Year, Four People, One Humongous Disaster Kit

Here’s one for the extreme prepare-aphernalia fans.

COSTCO is running a sale on 1-year, 4-person supplies of freeze dried and dehydrated food.

One whole year. For four people.

At the Red Cross we recommend having at least 3 days of supplies on hand in case of disaster. But I guess a year’s worth couldn’t hurt.

And while at first glance I thought the $2,999 price tag seemed like a steep investment, then I did the math.

There are 18,485 servings in the whole kit. Let’s say that again for emphasis… eighteen thousand four hundred and eighty-five servings. (Whoa.)

If I calculated correctly, that means each serving costs just a hair over 16 cents.

That’s downright cheap!
The Montreal Gazette says these kits are perfect for “preppers.” I’d say they’re perfect for budgeters too!
But whether or not you’d call yourself a prepper, and whether or not you’re ready to drop $2,999 on a truck load of food, we hope you’ve at least got your 3-day kit well stocked with non-perishable deliciousness.
Bon appetit!

One thought on “One Year, Four People, One Humongous Disaster Kit

  • Their YouTube site has some amazing examples of cooking tips using their bulk sized goods. So you don't have to be afraid of having nothing to eat after getting through the 4 cans of fudge brownie mix.

    I don't quite know about budget dining with dehydrated goods though…

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