Worldwide Wednesday Wrap-Up

I’m starting a new feature called Worldwide Wednesday Wrap-Up. Every Wednesday I’ll consolidate the major international Red Cross news into one list of nice little bite-sized links for you.

Of course, we’ll still write individual posts about international issues, but there’s just so much going on in the world that we thought an additional weekly round-up would be handy.
Today’s list is short. Not because there’s not much going on, but because I don’t have much time to write it:
UKRAINE: The Ukraine Red Cross and IFRC are helping to repair and waterproof houses in recently-flooded, vulnerable areas.
MALDIVES: The IFRC has undertaken the biggest single construction project in it’s history: building an entire island community in Maldives.
GAZA: The ICRC, Palestine Red Crescent Society, and Magen David Adom continue their efforts to bring humanitarian aid to the crisis in Gaza. Aid workers were allowed some access during a brief ceasefire today. We (the American Red Cross) are now contributing $500,000 to aid the humanitarian relief efforts.