DIY: Organize Your First Aid Supplies

All the gauze rolls in the world won’t do you a bit of good if you’ve got them hidden in the back of your bathroom cabinet under three bottles of cough syrup. 
Er, I’m not saying that’s what my bathroom cabinets looked like… Okay I am. But last night I came up with a handy DIY solution:
– Take a couple of those boxes that have been waiting to be recycled since the holidays, and fold down the flaps (or just cut them off).
– Wrap them in pretty colored paper.
– Label one “Cold & Flu” and the other “First Aid.” (I also decorated mine with photos just for fun.)
Now you’ve got a couple of neatly organized “drawers” to put in your cabinet. Bonus: you can grab that whole First Aid box and carry it right to the scene of the injury.


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