We’re Watching The Weather…Are You?

Man, are you tired of winter storms yet? I know there are some folks around here that surely are…

Nonetheless, we’ve been gearing up for more — this time with a special eye on places like Vernonia, Tillamook and Clackamas counties. In fact, officials at Clackamas County have said that this storm has caused flooding in areas that were never a flood concern before.

So what are we doing? We’re pre-positioning supplies in key communities (including cots, blankets and other resources); talking with churches, community centers and other partners that may be needed for emergency shelter operations; and working with city and county officals to assess their needs and how the Red Cross can meet them.

And, in case you forgot, we also have those disaster trailers placed up and down the Oregon Coast.

Whether you’re in Portland or Mist or Tillamook or Vernonia, take a moment to read over our tips for floods and landslides. They’re right here at www.oregonredcross.org/floods and www.oregonredcross.org/landslides.

Photo courtesy of Ross William Hamilton/The Oregonian