Weekly Worldwide Wrap-Up

Welcome to the Weekly Worldwide Wrap-Up, in which we consolidate the international Red Cross and Red Crescent news into one list of bite-sized links for you.  It’s a non-comprehensive sampling […]

UPDATE: Flooding In Oregon

Today may be dry, but the last week sure hasn’t been. In fact, it’s been so wet that parts of Oregon have seen flooding and landslides, particularly in the Welches […]

Landslides and Lager

Do you like beer? Do you want to learn about landslides? Do you have plans tonight?   Because tonight Lucky Lab NW is again hosting Volcano Views and Brews. The […]

Lasers That Predict Landslides

Whether they come from the mouths of cats or the wings of airplanes, lasers are totally awesome. But since technology isn’t quite ready for the former, I bring you the […]

We’re Watching The Weather…Are You?

Man, are you tired of winter storms yet? I know there are some folks around here that surely are… Nonetheless, we’ve been gearing up for more — this time with […]

The Landslide Brought It Down…

We’ve had snow. We’ve had rain. And now the ground is so wet that we’re seeing landslides. Do you know if your home is in a landslide hazard zone? Well, […]

Storm Watch ’08: Veteran’s Day Disaster

Within 72 hours, we’ll have four significant storms bearing down on our area. There could be flooding, high winds, power outages and even landslides. It’s the kind of thing that […]

More On The Landslide…

Driving out to the landslide today was a little bit of a walk down memory lane. Where it occurred is literally just a few blocks from where I went to […]