UPDATE: Flooding In Oregon

Today may be dry, but the last week sure hasn’t been. In fact, it’s been so wet that parts of Oregon have seen flooding and landslides, particularly in the Welches area. To get an idea of what’s been happening, check out this video from OPB News.

When disasters like this occur, the Red Cross jumps into action. We provided lodging for 14 families on Monday night and, on Tuesday afternoon, opened up a shelter at Camp Arrah-Wanna. Last night we had one person stay over, but are ready for more…just in case the rain leads to more evacuations.

We’ll also be there to provide 3 meals a day and assistance with everything from clothes to shampoo and deodorant. When you’ve lost everything, even these little things make a huge difference.
Keep in mind that what happens in Welches can happen anywhere around our state. Newport, Vernonia, and even Portland, floods are frequent Oregon disasters. Be prepared.