We need your Red Cross stories!

For most people, encounters with the Red Cross never go beyond the occasional office blood drive or what they see on the news after a major disaster. It’s hard to […]

Worldwide Wednesday Wrap-Up

Welcome to the Worldwide Wednesday Wrap-Up, in which we consolidate the international Red Cross and Red Crescent news into one list of bite-sized links for you. It’s a non-comprehensive sampling […]

Cat Rescue In Minot, ND

When the Red Cross does damage assessment, we also get to rescue stranded cats! How awesome is that?! Red Cross damage assessment team rescues cat in flood from Ron Frank […]

Meet Allan McGeough

Meet Allan McGeough. Allan’s the Executive Director of the Mid-Dakota Chapter of the American Red Cross. He’s a resident of Minot. And his house is currently 9 feet under water. […]

UPDATE: Flooding In Oregon

Today may be dry, but the last week sure hasn’t been. In fact, it’s been so wet that parts of Oregon have seen flooding and landslides, particularly in the Welches […]

A Future after the Flood

Married with a 5-year-old son, Freda Tremper and her husband typified a young couple just starting out. She was 28 he was 32. They owned a small home on Gertz […]

Pakistan Floods: The Human Impact

A view from the sky to a view at ground level. Thanks to Reuters for allowing the Red Cross to use their photos to create a video that conveys the […]

Flooding In Tennessee

If this powerful video has inspired you to help the people affected by severe weather across our Southern states, just text REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation.You can […]