Top Three Reasons Why People Who Give Blood Are Sexy

The discussion about why giving blood is sexy began months ago, as I tested out the logic on a variety of female friends and co-workers. All agreed — there’s no doubt that dating (or marrying) a blood donor is definitely where it’s at.

My only wish is that I could give you five reasons. Maybe you can contribute a suggestion?

REASON 1: Because they are (mostly) disease-free.
In order to be eligible to give blood, you have to have a pretty clean health history. That means you can’t be undergoing treatment for a variety of not-so-sexy STDs. But this reason isn’t a home run. There are still a few that you have to watch out for. Hey, at least we’ve screened out about half!

REASON 2: Because they can take a little pain.
Giving blood isn’t always sunshine and bunny rabbits. There’s a finger prick and a needle poke and even though they don’t really hurt, I can’t promise you won’t feel anything. Bottom line: People who give blood are ready and willing to withstand a little discomfort. Ahem.

REASON 3: Because they care about others.
A blood donor is, at the core, a kind person. They care about saving the lives of strangers (3 for every pint donated) and are willing to do a good deed for no financial gain — just a warm, fuzzy feeling and maybe a cookie. They even show up when called…and who doesn’t think reliability is sexy?

Single men and women, I urge you to make a point of dating donors. And think seriously about becoming a blood donor yourself; someone may just be looking for you.

Photo courtesy of Jam Adams


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