Prepare-aphernalia: A Different Sort Of Severe Weather Watch

You’ve been tracking the storm all week and today, there’s an offshore breeze. What tide is it? Just look at your Gulfman G-Shock for the answer.

That’s how the official G-Shock site introduces its new “G-Rescue” watch. Designed for use in search and rescue missions, this flashy (literally) piece of prepare-aphernalia is seriously water resistant (up to 200 meters), can take a beating and – among other things – it comes with: a tide graph, a calendar, a moon graph, and a countdown timer. 
I’d say it’s a pretty handy gadget to have on you for emergencies – especially if you live, work, or hang out near the ocean. 
That bright orange color is designed to make you easily detectable. But if you’d like to be a little more James Bond about things, you could go for the sleek, tough – and much pricier – MTG 1500.
For more info go to the G-Shock site. (Sorry, it’s all in Flash so I can’t link to products directly.)