Disaster Response In The Form Of Snuggles

Did you ever lose something you loved as a kid?

I did. When I was six my Snuggle bear was stolen, and I was devastated. I can’t begin to imagine how I would have felt if I’d lost my whole home to something like a fire, flood or tornado.
I would have needed something snuggly to hug and to hold. Something soft and cute. Something familiar – like Mickey Mouse.
Ahh, perhaps you see what I’m leading up to here. Yes, for the fourth year in a row, The Walt Disney Company is providing us with plush toys to give to kids recovering from disaster – like the little boy pictured above who our coworker, Ronda, met while responding to Hurricane Ike last year. See that big bear hug? One Mickey Mouse can go a long way toward healing a heart.
Thanks, Disney!