How To Survive A Disaster: Shuffle Your Playlist

According to our friend Amanda Ripley (author of The Unthinkable), when you’re in an emergency situation your brain works sort of like iTunes.
Due to stress, it basically shuts down your higher reasoning functions and begins to shuffle through known patterns, or “playlists.” And – just like iTunes – your brain will shuffle more readily to the playlists you use most often. 
That’s why it’s so important to get trained, make a plan and run drills.  So when your brain goes into shuffle mode, that stuff is in heavy rotation.
photo via Silvio Tanaka


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  • I was at Powell’s earlier and saw “The Unthinkable” for sale. The focus of the book sounds intriguing. Has it been worth the $25 jacket price?

  • I loved “The Unthinkable.” It’s worth every penny. But if you’re on a budget I think we have a copy floating around the office for lending.

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