Prepare-aphernalia: Canned Bacon (and other indulgent storables)

Yes, you read that right. Canned bacon

At about $12 per can it’s a bit pricey, but even I – a vegetarian – have to admit this is a pretty cool bit of prepare-aphernalia to have in your disaster kit. If bacon is indulgently satisfying under normal circumstances, think about how good it would taste when all you’ve got are peanut butter protein bars and fruit cocktail. 
Speaking of decking out your kit with decadent foods, here’s a list of other indulgent storables that probably deserve blog posts of their own:
Cougar Gold canned cheese. I’ve actually tasted this stuff and it’s good! Comparable to a tasty aged white cheddar like Dubliner. 
Canned brown bread (apparently this is a dessert in New England). 
(Those last two items are made by Katadyn – a company that specializes in water purification  and appears to have no online ordering, but you can look up suppliers on their site.)
Know of any other drool-worthy disaster kit foods? Let us know in the comments!


  • mmmm…bacon. Do they make canned “facon”?

    What about shelf-safe single-serving soy milk? I recommend Trader Joe’s…it even comes in chocolate! I think chocolate soy milk would definitely cheer me up in a disaster!

    P.s. I would like to know more about powdered wine 🙂

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