Union Rose and Tiny’s

Union Rose is a great little boutique right next to Tiny’s coffee shop on MLK Blvd. We had a business meeting at Tiny’s the other day and we just had to step in and take a look. I promised the owner I would come back after work to pick up a few things. After thinking about jewelry all afternoon, I stopped by and purchased two handcarved rings and a pair if earrings that are super lightweight and trendy.

About Tiny’s, I liked the vintage feel and it’s not at all pretentious…unlike some of its coffee counterparts. Bright light floods in the window of the cozy shop (that serves real food and french press coffee.)

It could be that I loved everything because I was being seduced by the first day of real Oregon sunshine. Whatever my reasoning; I think you should give them a try! It’s a great place for Red Crossers to get out and have a meeting over lunch. If you’re a donor–you can visit before or after you donate blood or take a CPR class. Tiny’s is wireless and they have a ton of outlets.

Here’s a blurb from the Union Rose Website. You’re here because Oregon speaks to you, your soul. Green, lush, naturally cool. A place full of thinkers, do-ers, designers. Great food, snappy music, big ideas.


  • Thanks for the nice write-up, Daphne! It was great to have you and your cohorts in the shop.

    Hope to see you again.

    –Nicole Prevost
    Union Rose

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