The cuddliest red blood cell around

Speaking of educational gifts. . .

I can’t stop giggling about all of the items for sale from GIANTmicrobes, a company that makes larger-than-life plush stuffed “animal” microbes. Examples of stuffed microbes for sale on the site include: The Common Cold, E. coli, Antrhax, Black Death, and Gonorrhea.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for that loyal, compassionate, bleeding-heart (punny!) blood donor, GIANTmicrobes sells a stuffed Red Blood Cell and a stuffed White Blood Cell.

The staff at GIANTmicrobes obviously have a great sense of humor, as reflected in the website descriptions of their items. Here’s what they say about the Red Blood Cell: The life of the party, his best trick is to hold his breath until he turns blue! Invite him to your next bash and he’s sure to show you a bloody good time.

Not only are GIANTmicrobes educational, they’re funny, cute, AND cuddly. What more could you want in a gift? I’m tempted to buy the Mad Cow microbe for my boyfriend who lived in England during the 1990s and the Bed Bug microbe for my friend who actually had bed bugs recently. They’d either appreciate the humor in the gifts or think I’m obnoxious. Whatever…


  • Did you know that GIANTmicrobes actually had a partnership with the Red Cross?

    And that they’re thinking about creating a “whole blood” petri dish with one each of a red cell, white cell and platelet (I think that’s right)?

    We’ll really hope to work with them again — what fun products to sell in our store!

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