Prepare-aphernalia: Kosher for Passover

Last night’s attendance at a Passover seder got me thinking about “Kosher for Passover” foods and their long shelf life. Which, of course, got me thinking about them as supplies for a disaster kit.

In fact, since we all know that a disaster can happen at any time, isn’t it possible that it could happen right in the middle of Passover?

So I did a little research and discovered the following:

While it varies from product to product, the shelf-life of matzo is 2 to 2-1/2 years (you can also get it gluten-free); gefilte fish is 4 years; and canned soups are 3 years. There’s no word on the life of the vaccum-packed (and delicious) macaroons, but I imagine it’s longer than a year.

If you keep kosher or just want to add some variety to your kit, these Passover staples would be a good choice. Don’t forget the powdered wine!

Image courtesy of m kasahara — my favorite Passover tradition…matzo ball soup!!