Flickr Find: Our Hero

Okay, so this flickr photo has embedding disabled so I can’t post it here, but you should click this link to check it out. 

This photographer has decided to take a photo of himself every day for a year. A cool project in itself, but what’s even cooler is that so far three of those days have featured him donating blood. And to top it off, he wears a super cool shirt on his donation days. It says:

Hero [hee-ro]
– noun, plural -roes; 
1. a person of distinguished courage or ability admired for doing brave deeds and having noble qualities.
Ex: I am a hero. I gave blood.

One thought on “Flickr Find: Our Hero

  • thanks for blogging this! isn’t he such a cute blood donor model? 🙂 i started a blog about him this morning, but my internet crashed in the middle of it and i never got back to it.

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