How The Red Cross Thinks Green

In honor of Earth Day, I thought I’d post a few ways the Red Cross is responding to global climate change:

The Climate Center (er, I mean Centre)
Yes, we have an international Red Cross/Red Crescent Climate Centre.  Their mission is to support projects aimed at reducing the impacts of climate change and extreme weather events on vulnerable people. (It’s spelled “centre” because it’s a global effort based in the Netherlands where they like to spell things all cool like that. For more from the American Red Cross on these efforts, read the position paper released last year.)
Projects like planting trees to prevent landslides in Korea serve dual purposes –  improving the environment while helping to avert disasters. 
Thinking Local
We all know that saving the world starts at home. That’s why our National Headquarters is hosting an Earth Day Fair
We may not be Captain Planet, but we’re hoping that with all these efforts combined we can make a difference. 


  • Hello Oregon Trail Chapter!

    This is Caroline over at the Greater Grand Rapids chapter in Michigan. I came across your blog, and was extremely impressed. What a great blog you all have going! In fact, it has given me renewed inspiration to give ours an overhaul.

    So thanks, and keep up the fantastic work!

    Greater Grand Rapids Chapter
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