Blood Do(g)nors: Even your dog can help save lives!

Look at this dog. Look at him and try to tell me he’s not the cutest boy in the whole world. Look at his loving, eager eyes, his cartoon-dog nose, and fluffy, cuddly coat…he’s perfect!

As you might have guessed, this is my dog (a.k.a. my son). His name is Andy and he’s my world. I can’t imagine anything bad happening to him. I mean, what would I do if he got hurt? What if he needed blood? Would there be doggy Superheroes who would supply that life-saving blood to help save my adorable little Andykins?

Lise’s National Pet Week blog about how the Red Cross helps pets inspired me to re-blog about pet blood donation. It’s something I never really thought about until I met Andy; just like people, our fuzzy friends need blood, too.

In honor of National Pet Week, consider signing up your pooch to be a Dove Lewis blood do(g)nor. Your dog already does so much for you, maybe he/she wants to help out other dogs, too! (I think Andy would like to donate blood, but he’s too old and doesn’t weigh enough)

According to Dove Lewis animal hospital, the ideal doggy donor is:
Healthy, between the ages of 1 and 6, current on vaccines, weighs at least 55 pounds, has never had a transfusion or been pregnant, and is easy-going. Does that sound like your dog?

While you’re thinking about signing up your dog to help save doggy lives, consider signing yourself up to help save human lives!

Photo: Andy–Cutest Dog In the World


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