Oregon Man Uses “Mouth-To-Beak” CPR

Because not every life saved with CPR is a human one! Check out this story of an Oregon man performing CPR on a BALD EAGLE. Wanna learn CPR yourself? Find […]

Giving a New ‘Leash’ on Life

KVAL (Eugene) has their top story this weekend spotlighting a very special blood donor! Meet Ginger, an active Springfield blood donor. At only eight and a half years old, she […]

James and Abigail

I volunteered for a few hours on Thursday night at the emergency warming center and had the pleasure of meeting James and Abigail. For the fourth night, both were at […]

Vampire Kitty Strikes Again!

Remember what I already told you about Vampire Kitties? I tried to warn you, but you didn’t listen. Forget about garlic as a means of defense; Vampire Kitties are instantly […]

Hero Puppies Save Three-Year-Old Boy

If these puppies were Oregonians, I’d nominate them to be our “animal heroes” at the Breakfast of Champions.   But, alas, these adorable little heroes are from Virginia. And this […]