Extreme Weather: Meet The Derecho

Here at the Red Cross, we like to think of ourselves as extreme weather experts. Whether we’re talking tornadoes or hurricanes, we’ve got tips and advice that can save your life.

But every once in a while, something “new” crosses our path, and today, it’s the derecho. (Click on the image below to see the video.)

Whoa. Intense thunderstorms? Powerful winds? Crazy sideways clouds?

Since we don’t have any derecho safety tips available, I’m going to suggest that if you hear about these storms in your community, you take a moment to refresh yourself on what to do during both thunderstorms and tornadoes. My guess is that will do the trick…

One thought on “Extreme Weather: Meet The Derecho

  • Holy derecho! This is so wacky. I was thinking “wow, this is actually a pretty interesting and informative news piece”…and then the reporter got in that stupid wind tunnel. He ruined it for me.

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