Could it happen here? – Hurricanes

The Southeast has an extensive history of hurricanes, yet this past weekend we witnessed Irene move farther north and affect cities like New York, Washington D.C., and Boston. Hurricanes form […]

What’s In A (Storm) Name?

The 2011 list is out and our very own Nate made the cut. Granted, I’m sure Nate has no interest in having a horrible hurricane or terrible tropical storm bearing […]

PHOTO: Alien Mothership Or Thundercloud?

For your Friday afternoon, I give you the coolest weather photo I’ve ever seen, all credit to Sean Heavey. Check out all of Sean’s truly incredible images and learn more […]

Twitter Storm Team: Report!

Just because you can’t get their alerts doesn’t mean you can’t alert the National Weather Service (NWS). That’s right — NWS wants you to submit your “significant weather observations” via […]

A Cappella Thunderstorm

Close your eyes and listen to the first two minutes of this video. Amazing how much it sounds like a real thunderstorm, huh? I’d say it’s a sound we don’t […]

T-Storms: What To Do, Where To Listen

A rare bout of severe weather has hit the Portland area. Here are our tips for Thunderstorms and Blackouts. If you’re online, you can find your local area’s NOAA weather […]

The Lightning Always Strikes Twice

We’ve talked before about being fans of weird weather phenomena, but here’s a good one. On Tuesday night in Seattle, lightning struck THRICE. Check out the video: You can read […]

Extreme Weather: Meet The Derecho

Here at the Red Cross, we like to think of ourselves as extreme weather experts. Whether we’re talking tornadoes or hurricanes, we’ve got tips and advice that can save your […]

The Landslide Brought It Down…

We’ve had snow. We’ve had rain. And now the ground is so wet that we’re seeing landslides. Do you know if your home is in a landslide hazard zone? Well, […]