Cross Blog: Behind The Scenes Commentary

Ever wanted a backstage “view” of our blog process? Then listen to the interview that Lise and I did on Small Plate Radio‘s “PR Works” show this morning. (Btw, these folks rock, and they’ve got a wealth of great internet radio shows you should check out.)

It’s just like a DVD commentary! (Er…yeah, just like that…)

Hey, if Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog did it, we can too! Granted, our “commentary” is much less musical. BUT there are lots of laughs and lame jokes (mine) about capes: 

Photo via Duchamp.

One thought on “Cross Blog: Behind The Scenes Commentary

  • You two did a great job!!! It was awesome to hear! Good question Erica. And yeah to all the science geeks out there!!

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