Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

Chances are that before you knew how to Stop Drop & Roll or Drop Cover & Hold On, an old man in a cardigan had already taught you one of the best preparedness tips you’ll ever learn: to be a good neighbor. 

It may sound campy, but it’s true. Your neighbors are some of the best resources you have in a disaster. So get to know them! 
Don’t believe me? Take it from this California blogger. It took a major earthquake to remind her of that important lesson Mr. Rogers taught us all so long ago.
And it took her blog post to remind me. I’ve lived in my apartment for nine months and only know the names of a few folks. Now that it’s sunny out, I have no excuse not to organize a neighborhood barbecue! Mmmm…. hot grills and cold brews – who says preparedness can’t be fun?
[Hat tip to my friend Audrey for sharing that post.]

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