Puppies: Real Or Fake, We Love ‘Em

We’re mid-week and you’re probably needing a dose of adorable-ness, right? Well, here you go — sweet and sugar-free, to boot.

Photos from Dog First Aid (courtesy of volunteer Jaden)

More photos from Dog First Aid (courtesy of Neighborhood Notes)

Now that you’ve been thoroughly entranced by the doggie-kins, you probably want to take a class. But is it worth your time? Well, check out this review from Morgan at OurPDX Network.

A prime example of the typical Portland pet owner, I reached out to Morgan after her original post about her Barkuums. My thought? If Morgan loves Jessie, she definitely wants to know how to save her life in an emergency (and, judging from the post, Jessie has a history of brushes with danger). And now I’m happy to report that she does.

The fine folks at Neighborhood Notes also posted their own write-up after stopping by the class. You can check that one out right here.

Wanna learn dog first aid (or cat first aid) yourself? Sign up now!

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