WWYD: What Would YOU Do?

You’re having sushi with a friend when she starts choking. You…

A. Slap her hard on the back.
B. Give her a glass of water.
C. Call out for someone to dial 911 as you do the Heimlich maneuver.

Your boyfriend is cooking linguine when the pot tips over and scalds his arm. You…

A. Hold a plastic bag full of ice cubes on the burn.
B. Rub butter on the burn to promote healing.
C.Cover his arm with a clean towel doused in cool water.

What we try to do here at Cross Blog is give you very practical ways to get prepared. And what I love about Self Magazine’s “21 Ways To Save A Life (Yours, Too!)” is that it’s nothing if not practical.

I mean, who hasn’t eaten sushi with a friend? Or had a significant other cook them dinner? There’s even another question that involves a friend drinking too much at a party…and, come on, who hasn’t been privy to something like that?

Not only does the article throw good questions at you, it also supplies good answers…and goes one step further by telling how to get trained, what items you should have on hand and how to not become a second victim.

Take the quiz and see how you do. Share your results in the comments!

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