Take The Restaurant Safety Quiz!

It goes without saying that Portland has a foodie culture. We love our food carts, our James Beard nominees…and even our fast food. To go along with all this food […]

WWYD: What Would YOU Do?

You’re having sushi with a friend when she starts choking. You… A. Slap her hard on the back.B. Give her a glass of water.C. Call out for someone to dial […]


When did the Red Cross first receive the Nobel Peace Prize? a) 1901b) 1914c) 1917d) 1915 For more great questions that you probably don’t know the answers to, you should […]

Volcano Quiz!

As Mount Redoubt begins to form a new lava dome and the alert level is lowered, I wanted to point out a cool volcano quiz before the topic drops from […]

Oh no, not a quiz!!

…it’s okay. This one isn’t graded. The University of Washington’s School of Medicine has an online quiz to test your CPR skills! Ten questions later and you’re on your way […]

Like Quizzes? Here’s Another One

If you’re a huge fan of Ken Jennings or have ever attended a trivia night, you probaby fancy yourself a quizmaster. Well, to meet your insatiable need for Q&A, I […]