For Your Reading Pleasure…

Two article for you before we run off to do something a little more exciting:

10 Things Every Girl Should Know How To Do Before She’s 25

I actually know how to do the vast majority of these, including the most important — how to perform CPR/first aid. The two things that go beyond my skills and abilities? Using a stick shift and changing a flat. My dad would be so disappointed…

CPR: Why You Should Know It

This writer makes a good argument for learning the skills to save a life. Ronnie happened to be near a group of people who were drinking, swimming and diving (not the most brilliant combo) when the worst happened. Fortunately, there were people around who knew what to do.

If you’d like to learn the skills to save a life yourself — or just want to check an item off your list — you can sign up for classroom training or do it 24/7 online.


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