It’s A Pool Party!

Funny story — I was invited to a party a few weeks ago where the invite mentioned, “games, pool, hot tub.” Immediately, my mind went to a home pool where I could show off one of my super fierce vintage bathing suits.

Alas, with a more careful reading, I realized that they were probably referring to pool (as in with a cue), which turned out to be exactly the case.


Since then, I’ve been trying to cultivate a friend or two with a home pool. This being Portland, it’s not so easy. But when I find these new buddies, I’m totally sending them to this website.

Honestly, I don’t want to swim in a pool where the owner doesn’t 1. know how to maintain it (gross) and 2. know how to save my life if something goes awry. Would you?

For two hours and 20 bucks, the owner gets a printable resource guide, proof of course completion and some major peace of mind for themselves and their guests. If you happen to own a pool in PDX (or know someone who does), send them here.

And then tell them if they want a new friend, I’m totally available.

Photo courtesy of celikins.


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