Waiting for Blood While Hoping to Live

Four-year-old Kate Thorton was diagnosed with leukemia in August of 2008. To help her stay alive through her chemotherapy treatments, Kate receives regular blood and platelet transfusions.

In this video, Kate’s mom Susan tells the story of when she first found out her daughter had leukemia. To Susan’s surprise, Kate had to wait for several hours in the hospital until enough blood was available for her daughter’s first series of transfusions.

This video emphasizes the reality that the need for blood is constant. Cancer patients like Kate need regular blood and platelet transfusions in order to stay alive. Because the need is constant and because blood products have an expiration date, the blood supply must continually be replenished.

To help children like Kate and others in need of blood and platelet transfusions, please make an appointment to donate blood by calling 1-800-GIVE-LIFE or visit http://www.givelife.org/.

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