Weekend Plans…

What are you doing this weekend?

Whether you’re in Hillsboro or North Portland, you’re bound to see Red Crossers out in the community, doing good things.

For example, in Hillsboro, we’re going door-to-door to educate residents about the importance of safety and preparedness. No, we’re not asking for donations…we’re actually GIVING AWAY FREE STUFF.

Yep, we’ll be gifting residents free swag including smoke alarms, batteries and first aid kits. We’ll also be talking to them about how to make sure their homes are safe and that they’re prepared for anything.

We’ll also be talking about preparedness (and the importance of donating blood and getting trained) at the Mississippi Avenue Street Fair on Saturday. This is a huge event and it’s right down the street from our offices. If I wasn’t already working Together We Prepare Hillsboro, you better believe that’s where I’d be hanging out.

So look for us this weekend, no matter where you’re located. We always like meeting our online peeps!


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