Preparing Portland For The Undead

On a recent trip to Powell’s, I decided it was time to suck it up and read Pride and Prejudice. Much to my surprise however, I found that the living dead had infiltrated Jane Austen’s literature classic!

Upon this discovery, I decided I needed to ask myself daily what I’m doing to prepare for the zombie apocalypse. This includes researching important films like Zombie Cheerleader Camp (the undead will take many forms). Once their common behaviors are thoroughly understood, I move onto protection and preparation. I check my three-day emergency kit and turn to the pages of zombie expert Max Brooks’ survival guides.

In Portland, we are fortunate that a dedicated individual is acting on this impending emergency. Meet James Gunn, the owner of NW Tactical Adventures. His war-games company is housed on a 165-acre site that includes “shelters, food stocks, a first aid center, machine gun bunkers, fresh water and ample wild game.”

As a former military man, Gunn knows to treat the zombie apocalypse not as a possibility, but as a certainty. He isn’t alone. As I write, other zombie warriors are creating similar sites throughout the country, complete with a ham radio communication network. To take advantage of this “asylum from the apocalypse,” you will need to register at

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Thanks to the Willamette Week for inspiration from their “best sites” article.