A Letter From Lekman

So you’ve already heard about our love of Jens Lekman here on Cross Blog and on the first episode of Ready Radio.

But now I can confirm that Lekman loves us just a little bit back.

Yesterday, blogger Tara pointed out the news that the devastatingly adorable Jens had contracted the miserable, horrible H1N1 virus. I was naturally concerned for his well-being, as the poor guy has already been through a sliced hand.

Given the circumstances, I thought it was important to write Jens and express our sincere concern and share proof of our fandom. So, without further ado, I give you my letter and Jens’ response.

Swoon at your own risk.


Dear Jens,

I have no idea whether you’re a fan of the Red Cross, but I can assure you that the Red Cross (or at least our little branch in Portland, Oregon) is a fan of you.

Since I don’t want to waste your time with shameless flattery and fawning adoration, I’ll simply point you to this post on our blog:

…and Episode 1 of our podcast, which you can listen to here:

Hope all goes well with your H1N1 recovery — we’ll look forward to seeing you in Portland again!

Lise Harwin


21 jul 2009 kl. 01.07 skrev

how lovely.
i will make sure to get injured just in time for my next portland show.


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