Temperatures Rise, Red Cross Blood Donor Turnout Falls

Will somebody please turn down the heat? The recent heat wave has left Red Cross schedulers struggling to get blood donor appointments. Plus, nearly 20% of those who do schedule aren’t following through. Despite the heat, the Red Cross is moving forward with normal blood drive operations. Most of the blood drives are air conditioned, so you can actually take a break from the heat and help save a life. We won’t tell anyone if you hang out in the refreshment area and eat an extra cookie and have a couple cool drinks.

You can find a drive near you and make an appointment by calling 1-800-GIVE-LIFE (1-800-448-3543)or click here

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  • Even though I couldn't donate yesterday, I definitely hung out in the canteen with my mom for a little too long eating treats! It was nice and cool in there and my house is an oven 🙂

  • I certainly wish I was there 🙂 Record braking heat today! I really wonder how the Red Cross in Arizona battles this sort of heat?

    The Pacific Northwest region provides blood to parts of Alaska, right? So if you donate… part of you might be heading to much colder lands!

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