How do you predict the weather?

Oregon is known for some very interesting weather transitions. One day we are close to a record low, the next could be a record high! I have a meteorologist friend […]

Who Knew? Heat Waves

Did you know that a “heat wave” in Antarctica means 59 degrees? Here’s everything you always wanted to know about hot weather!

I’m Already On It…

I’ve said it before (and before that and before that) and I’ll say it again. I love someecards. They always seem to read my mind…and the weather reports. If you’re […]

Do You Operate Cooling Centers?

When the weather gets warm, one of the questions I’m most frequently asked is whether the Red Cross will be operating cooling centers. This is a totally reasonable question as, […]

(Your Love Is Like A) HEAT WAVE!

Tomorrow, the National Weather Service has issued a heat advisory for Portland and many spots around the metro area.In honor of the hot weather, I give you Martha and the […]

Protect Your Pooch In Hot Weather

Today’s extreme weather gives us a great opportunity to remind you to think about summertime pet safety as well as people safety. It’s important to be able to identify the […]

Get Ready: Hot Weather Ahead

My day has been spenting messing around with our new website. It’s a very cool system, but not without challenges. Anyway, my latest accomplishment is that you can now go […]