Bee-ing Prepared For Anything

I love honey. In my tea, on my biscuits…just about anywhere. But while I like what they produce, I don’t necessarily like bees. And I definitely don’t have any love for yellowjackets and wasps.

A week or so ago, we told you what to do when you get stung. You can read the original article here or listen to the most recent Ready Radio broadcast.

But today a volunteer sent me this real-life story from right here in Oregon about how a bee sting can be deadly and how important it is to at least know the basics of first aid.

Here’s a tidbit:

“Sarah had been out for her morning five-mile run and got bitten by a yellow jacket on her way up the walk. She didn’t think much of it and proceeded to the shower. Within a few minutes she started to feel dizzy. Thinking it was just the heat of the shower combined with a warm morning, she sat down to clear her head. Luckily she decided something was really wrong and shouted for me. ” Continue reading.

For more info on stings, click here. And if you’re interested in learning basic first aid, just in case your loved one gets injured, click here.

Photo courtesy of autan