Roselyn Apartment Fire In Photos

This afternoon, I had the privilege of meeting many residents of the Roselyn Apartments. Sadly, I didn’t meet them in their homes — I met them in a temporary shelter set up at the Trinity Episcopal Church.

The good news is that — even though it’s not home — Red Cross volunteers were hard at work making the basement space as comfortable as possible. They brought in Subway sandwiches for lunch, chatted with residents and even purchased cupcakes and ice cream to celebrate two birthdays.

Hearing the residents and others offer their sincere thanks for our work made me proud to be a part of the Red Cross team. Here’s to getting the Roselyn residents back into permanent housing and on their feet once again!

One thought on “Roselyn Apartment Fire In Photos

  • Lise, it's moments like these that makes me Extremely Proud to be a DAT (Disaster Action Team) member. The Oregon Trail American Red Cross Rocks!!!

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