Prepare-aphernalia: Quake Kits for Cats and Dogs

Japan is known for both earthquakes and odd inventions. So it may not come as a surprise that these new wearable kitty kits and puppy packs (that’s not what they’re called, but it’s what I – as an alliteration addict – would call them) come from that place just across the Pacific.

I’m not usually one for putting vests on pets, but these aren’t mere fashion accessories. The kits come with:

– vest with carrying handle
– biscuits
– bandages
– gloves
– whistle
– mini radio (for you to use, not your pet)
– calming aromatherapy oils
– food bowl
– muzzle
– waterproof ID capsule
– protective boots for paws
– …and more

I also like that the manufacturer suggests keeping a worn piece of your clothing with the kit to comfort the pet with your scent. That’s exactly what pet psychology expert Bridget Pilloud suggested when we talked with her for Ready Radio!

Found through The Telegraph (via Claire who always has her eye out. Thanks, Claire!)

Here’s the distrubutor’s site for ordering.

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  • totally ridiculous, hah. if i told my mom about this, their cat would be decked out in disaster threads faster than you can say "obsessive pet-owner."

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