Giving Blood Japanese Style

Tara’s “Before I Die” List:

-Travel to India
-Volunteer at an elephant orphanage
-Make friends with an orangutan (best video ever)
-Learn French and improve Spanish
-Backpack through Europe again
-Have some babies
-Start an etsy shop
-Try snowboarding (again!)
-Donate Blood in Japan with Lise and Robin

After you read this blog, you’re definitely going to want to join me, Lise and Robin for the last item on my list. The Red Cross Society has opened a brand new blood donation center in Akihabara, Japan called Akiba:F. But Akiba:F isn’t just any blood donation center. It’s the world’s craziest, most stylish, awesomely futuristic, swanky bar-esque, Star Trek Enterprise-looking blood center in the entire galaxy. It’s madness! In fact, it rocks my socks off.

I’m honestly having a tough time selecting which pictures to feature on this post. You’ll just have to see for yourself. And when you’re ready to go to Japan, call up the Cross Blog blogettes (Moshi Moshi!). We’ll meet you there.

Photos: Steve Nagata


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