ZOMBIELAND: Grab Your Survival Kit


All of you who voted for Shaun Of The Dead in our disaster movie poll will be excited that Zombieland is being released in theaters this weekend (trailer here). So far this new zom-com (zombie comedy, of course) has nearly perfect critical reviews.
But maybe this web comic has a point… are you really prepared for a zombie attack? Blogger Nate hopes you are! He has even submitted a zombie preparedness talk for the next Ignite Portland event. (This, incidentally, also teaches you useful skills for less supernatural disasters like pandemic flu and volcanic eruptions.)
By the way, if you enjoy web comics as much as you love movies, you really should subscribe to The Drive In Online. It’s funny stuff.

One thought on “ZOMBIELAND: Grab Your Survival Kit

  • I love the zombies,I love the books, the cartoons,the movies,the stories about te zombies, so I thionk that your blog is good and the trailes is perfect, so cool.

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